Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Oh yeah I have magnet eyes .. "

"Great photo stand.. its a chair .. we get it "

" I said no photos..."

" yeah I think thats his middle finger .. maybe?"

"it's pernounced .. KRAaa..KEN... "

"Yeah I do have suction cups on all my 8 arms .... duhhh"

"Maybe the stache is a little much...."

"uhhh horrible photo, going up non the least"

"Step eleven: pose character in weird poses, take photos, post for friends"

"Step ten: remember you should take photos for your friends, stop cutting fur and set up camera"

"Step nine: start cutting out lengths of fur to go on"

"Step eight: spend days trying to figure out the head, then just make it outta Sculpy, or at least the eye sockets"

"Step seven: Start building up the shape using foam, cut and shape"

"Step six: epoxy thinner wire to hand and feet for fingers and toes...fingers and toes.."

"Step five: epoxy some washers into the feet for tie downs, you did make feet didn't you"

"Step four: Use your two part epoxy to make hard "bone" parts in the chest/ pelvis, and anywhere else you don't wanna bend"

"Step three: Bend the wire into a basic skeletal shape of the Character"

"Step two: wind up your armiture wire, so its nice a strong"

"Step one: Draw the character, or have Matt, because his are sweet"

"Pre-Fur Groth Puppet" #1