Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Huh..oh ya know.. just pumping a lil iron"

"Support that neck O'l Boy...cheer'O"

"We're here to..(CLAP) .. Pump.. you up"

"...99...One Hundred!"

"Mmmm Toast.. Powered Toast?"

"Groth, don't worry they don't make you look fat"

"Groth wears them on his head"

"Should he be Frothing at the mouth?"

"Grunt, Grunt, AaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh"

"Common' Officer Kermit, We'll find these Thugs!"

"What can I say... I like drawing Matt's Characters!"

"Someone saw Harry Potter..."

"Ahh the Magical "F" Train"

"Adam is the canvas of genetic modification but plasmids are the Paint"

"Come out of the Darkness... I can see you"

"I'm getting sleepy Mr. Bubbles.."

"Your not Mr. Bubbles..."

"Grab her shes got the ADAM"

Ack presenting Lincoln in his fashon...

"YAaahhaaarrrrrrrr.. there be Flight Plans in theses waters!"

"I'm taking the children to stay at my Mothers.."

"Ahh....Amazing Muffin, Shot 2"

"Muffin swim, Muffin swim!"

"Jordan scared too"

"Muffin think that Jordan, show go and take a LOOK!"

"We're Loooooooooooost!"